Surfboard Rack Buyers Guide (2020)

surfboard rack buyers guide

A surfboard rack is a really handy thing to have when it comes to storing your surfboard. Surfboards can take up a lot of space. Storing your board on a surfboard rack can help economize on space. If done well, it can also serve as a piece of art.

There are two main ways to store a surfboard. You can stack your boards vertically in a garage of storage rooms. Alternatively you can stack them horizontally. A lot of pro’s who have ridiculous amounts of surfboards stack them very tight vertically by removing the fins.

Surfboard racks are traditionally made of plastic, soft foam, steel, aluminum, and wood. By storing your board on a rack one can mitigate against the risks of damage, prolonging the life of the surfboard.

In this surfboard rack buyers guide we look at the full variety of different surfboard storage racks on the market today.

Horizontal Surfboard Racks

Horizontal surfboard racks are great for displaying boards and for use when space comes at a premium. Depending on how you set them up, your surfboard may not always be that easy to access.

Cor Surf Wooden Wall Rack

This is a really nice looking wooden rack that’s looks god both indoors and out. It’s made from solid hardwood wood and it it won’t rot, erode or splinter. A rubber strip on each arm protects the board from dings and prevents the boards from slipping.

Each arm also has an indent at the end allowing surfboards be stacked on their side. The rack has three slats in total. Two racks can also be vertically stacked to make a double rack for extra storage.

cor surf

Pro Board Surfboard Rack

The original surfboard wall rack. Made form pine with rubber covering to protect your board. It can hold up to to 100 lbs. The arms are 16″ long and 3/4″ inch thick with foam padding wrapped around them to protect your boards.

The arms angled at 15 degrees. It has routed finished edges and is 36 inches top to bottom. The rack weighs 6 lbs and comes with 4 pre-drilled screw holes and mounting hardware for easy hanging.

Pro board

Naked Surfboard Rack by StoreYourBoard

This is very popular surfboard rack due to its diminutive size and low cost. It comprises of two aluminium brackets which are felt lined and screw into the wall in two places.

Each Surf Rack is built from a single piece of aluminum metal for lightweight, rigid support of your board. This durable construction also makes this rack rust and water proof should you rack get wet from a board that you’ve just brought in from the sea.

The felt padding curves up the front edge of the rack for full protection. This also enables a firm grip on your board to help prevent sliding side to side.

It’s slim, compact design economizes on storage space while putting your surfboard on the main stage. Display your board as a work of art by angling it against the wall with the fins facing out or in. For larger fins, we recommend taking them off the board so that you can display it top side up.

storeyourboard surf rack

Timber Surfboard Wall Rack

Very similar to the wooden wall rack from Cor Surf this wall rack is made from natural hardwood with a cool varnish finish to look stylish in any home.

It can hold up to 20 lbs of weight and has cork padding to protect the boards. The edges on the top side are declined and rounded to make putting in and taking boards out super easy.

Most reviewers say it mounts easily and once up in the home it looks really good. This surfboard rack can take 4 surfboards.

timber surfboard wall rack

Hawaiian Gun Rack

This is a top quality surfboard rack. Made with white maple and a birch ply core this surfboard wall rack can hold up to 50 lbs. It can be used for surfboards, skateboards, wake boards & kite boards. I also comes with built-in padding to prevent board damage.

It’s minimal construction means that whatever board you are hanging on you wall is bound to look cool. It is designed for the fins of the board to be facing out.

Hawaiian Gun Rack

Seattle Sports Surfboard Cradle

This rack, although not as sexy as some of the others certainly serves it’s purpose well. If you’re looking for a sturdy, secure surfboard rack then this is a good choice.

It’s made of lightweight aluminum and covered with foam tubing. The manufacturer makes a note of saying that because of this rack being cradle shaped it’s better suited to longboards and SUP’s.

surfboard cradle

Bamboo Surf Rack

Not only are these racks made from one of the most sustainable trees on the planet, but they’re also very durable and beautiful to look at.

mounting bars

This rack is slightly different to other racks in that it is composed of four pieces – 2 mounting bars and 2 rack arms. The mounting bars give the rack extra rigidity on the wall which explains why this rack candle handle up wot 120 lbs.

bamboo surf rack

Krypt Towers Board Rack

This is a four slat, steel surfboard rack. The great thing about this rack is that it’s customisable, which is a feature most other racks don’t offer. You can seamlessly adjust the height of the arms depending on how you want the board configured.

It’s also got a good amount of rubber padding on each arm to protect your boards. The arms sit at a steeper angle than most which makes for ultra secure storage.

Krypt towers

Cor Surf Wall Rack

This is another surfboard rack by Cor Surf. Instead of the arms being straight, they are curved to give the rack a bit more elegance and pizazz.

surfboard wall rack

The darker hue of wood makes for a more stylish looking rack. The rack has the rubber protective strips on it and mounts easily onto a wall. This rack looks particularly good in beach huts and wooden houses.

cor surfboard wall rack

BPS Surfboard Rack

This is the perfect rack to put on the ceiling of a garage or storage room. Of all the racks on the market this is the best for saving space. BPS use strong rounded steel tubing which ensures no square edges dig into your board over time.

Each arm is 30 inches long and is made from galvinized steel with soft foam padding. This rack is designed to carry heavy loads and is therefore perfect for longboards and SUP’s.


Reeflection Nice Surfboard Rack

This rack is made for surfers by surfers. It’s a different design to your standard wall mounted rack where the angle between the arms faces down rather than up if you get our drift.

It’s made of tubular steel which is wrapped with foam for protection. It comes with heavy duty lag bolts – two for each arm. If you’re looking for a rack which is a little different to your standard rack then this is a good choice.

reeflection rack

Vertical Surfboard Racks

Vertical surfboard racks are perfect for outdoor areas or indoor areas where there is a lot of space. They tend to accommodate a larger number of boards than horizontal surfboard racks.

They’re great because the boards are resting on the ground and so are easy to put in and take out of the rack. In contrast to horizontal surfboard racks they don’t display the surfboard as nicely.

StoreYourBoard Vertical Rack

Another well made surfboard rack from StoreYourBoard. With this rack you can store up 6 surfboards at home or in your surf shop, from shortboards to longboards. Perfect for a large quiver.

The rack places function over form. Its foam padded arms which are angled slightly protect your boards and keep them securely in place.

StoreYourBoard Vertical Rack

Vertical Timber Surfboard Wall Rack

The perfect solution to for storing your quiver. By standing your boards upright against the wall, this rack provides a decent looking display while also anbaling easy-access to your boards.

Made from top quality American Red Oak. This surfboard rack is designed to look cool wherever its placed. All wood components come pre-drilled and ready to assemble out of the box. Top quality hardware is included along with step by step directions on how to mount this surfboard rack on your wall.

Each arm includes a durable strip of cork inlay to protect your boards from getting dings and scratches. This cork also provides a decent amount of grip to help hold your boards in place while upright on the rack.

Vertical Timber Surfboard Wall Rack

Grassracks Freestanding Bamboo Rack

This is an ideal rack if you don’t want to drill into a wall to mount a rack. Moreover it’s pretty simple to move this rack around if you need to.

It is made from super strong and sustainable bamboo and looks wherever it ends up standing. Like most other racks its can support all board types – snowboards, wakeboards, skim boards etc.

grassroots bamboo rack

T Rax Surfboard Rack

A great name for a great rack. It hold up to 6 boards and is made from light weight, high tensile aluminum design. Each arm/rod is covered with UV foam padding for extra board protection.

The majority of reviewers on Amazon give it 5 stars and it comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee. The general consensus from reviewers is that it takes approximately 20 minutes to install.

T rax

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