The 3 Best Surf Changing Mats

By: Jordan Johnson

Every time you emerge from the ocean after a surfing session, the struggle of changing out of your wetsuit seems to never end. The wetsuit you love becomes your worst enemy. Changing on the the beach gets your wetsuit very sandy. If you change in the parking lot, you run the risk of damaging your wetsuit. Stop wasting time washing out the sand. Stop ruining the wetsuit you’ve spent so much money on. We are here with a solution to help save you time and protect your wallet. Surf changing mats! These portable accessories will not break the bank and allow you to seamlessly get out of your wetsuit after a surf session without the hassle of getting dirty and sandy.

Northcore Grass Change Mat/Bag

The Northcore Grass Mat makes our list of list of the best three surf changing mats for its durability. This mat, made of heavy duty water resistant polyester, stands up to wear and tear. The Northcore Grass Mat, lined with artificial grass, acts as a barrier from the ground when changing. No more standing on the cold, or hard ground when changing, an annoyance we all experience.

We like the fact the bag folds out for you to stand on, then folds together to create a bag with handles for easy storing and carrying your wet kit. You will find this feature to be a priceless when trying to keep your vehicle water and sand free. Just apply some wet shampoo to hand wash your mat, or hang it out to dry. You will find this investment to be one you will not regret. You can purchase the North Grass Change Mat/Bag on Amazon for $52.36 plus shipping.

Surf Grass Mat

The Surf Grass Mat is on our list of surf changing mats for its portability and comfort. The synthetic grass allows for the mat to be easily cleaned, no matter the amount of sand. Coming out of the water, you are normally met with hard asphalt, or hot sand. The Surf Grass Mat takes away those discomforts. Away from the beach, the mat can be used for multiple other outdoor activities like tubbing, scuba diving, and paddle boarding.

After the easy clean-up of the Surf Grass Mat, you can easily store your mat by rolling it up, or sliding it in your vehicle for its next use. This feature makes it very adaptable for any surfer, outdoorsman, no matter the use. The velcro strap keeps the mat tight for compact storage.

The Surf Grass Mat comes in seven different colors and two sizes (Our personal favorite is the blue).  You can purchase your Surf grass Mat on Amazon for $35.98 to $49.99 depending on the size and color.

Surf Sac Pro

Rounding out our list of the top three best surf changing mats is the Surf Sac Pro. The Surf Sac Pro is not only portable, it is compact. Surf Sac Pro, made for easy packing and carrying to and from the beach. It is large enough to carry your wetsuit, swimming suit, towels and extras with ease. The long over-the-shoulder strap allows for your hands to be freed to carry other surfing gear like your board.

No need to have separate bags for your dry and wet cloths, the Surf Sac Pro allows for you to put them in separate compartments in the same bag. Sealed zippers keep dirty and wet cloths from turning your car into the same.

We love the Surf Sac Pro for its versatility. Whether you are surfing, camping, kayaking, or scuba diving this accessory is made for anyone. You can purchase the Surf Sac Pro on Amazon for $29.77.

Having a surf changing mat will change your life. With one of these surf changing mats, you will never have to worry about your wetsuit getting sandy or damaged ever again. Your car and wallet will thank-you. These surf changing mats are helpful accessories for any surfer, including you. Make your life easier by investing in a surf changing mat.

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