beginner surf gear

Our aim on this site is to provide free and valuable information to those who are learning to surf. When we were learning to surf in 2013 it was a struggle to find information on beginner surf gear online.

Most of the websites and blogs were catering for intermediate to advanced surfers. The average price point of the intermediate and advanced surf equipment was very high. We created this site to solve that information void for people learning to surf.

We understand that for of lot of people learning to surf they don’t want to fork out too much money on a sport which they’re not sure they’ll stick to. We’re pretty confident that once you start surfing you’ll continue doing it for the rest of your life. Yes, it’s that addictive!

The other challenge for first time surfers is that they often don’t know what equipment is necessary for a surf setup. This often results in them having a less than enjoyable first surf experience.

beginner surf gear

The primary aim of this website is to ensure that people are able to start surfing with the most suitable equipment at the right price. That’s why we’ve taken the time to create our Gear Guide. 

This guide will take you through the three major surf gear categories, namely, surfboards, wetsuits, and accessories. In each of these sections we provide objective advice on the most suitable gear for beginners. We want to make sure that when you paddle out for your first surf, it’ll be a memorable one!

The secondary aim is to assist beginner surfers in finding the most suitable places to surf. The world is packed full of amazing surf spots. Many of these spots won’t be suitable for beginners for a multitude of reasons.

This can be due to wave size, strong rip currents, waves breaking on a shallow reef, aggressive locals etc. That’s why going to a surf camp for your first surf trip is advisable. In our Surf Camp Guide, we cover all the most suitable surf camps around the world for beginner and intermediate surfers.

3 best longboards for beginners

In the last 20 years surfing has seen a solid phase of growth. The Economist reported that between 2001 to 2011 surfing grew by 35% – from 26 million to 35 million people worldwide.

As the sport continues to grow many newcomers to the sport will be buying beginner surf gear for the first time. This surge in the popularity of the sport has resulted in surf equipment evolving at a similar pace.

Most notably at the beginner to intermediate end of the market. The most notable innovation within the beginner segment of the surf market has been the introduction of the soft top surfboard.

The soft top surfboard has revolutionized surfing particularly for those learning to surf. The reasons for this are manifold, and something which we cover in detail on our Surfboards page.

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